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Routinely staying on top of your oral health with regular teeth cleanings and dental exams is critical to maintaining a healthy smile. Regular dental visits can help to identify and prevent costly painful problems. At Oral Health Associates, our team works to create a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. We want every patient, from children and teens to adults and seniors, to feel comfortable during their dental checkups and smile their best. 

During your dental exam, Drs. Mark Glime, Adam Koch, Brian Koch, and Robert Wetzel will check on your teeth and overall oral health. If necessary, they will also create a plan in consultation with you for any required treatments. Afterward, our skilled hygienists will professionally clean your teeth to brighten your smile and remove any harmful bacteria. To schedule your six-month teeth cleaning and dental exam with our Green Bay office, please call us at (920) 437-3376 or contact us online. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Benefits of Regular Exams & Cleanings

1. Early Detection

By maintaining a dental checkup and cleaning every six months, our dentists can monitor your dental health and catch issues while they are small and require minimal treatment.

2. Preventive Dental Care

Dental cleanings can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease if done regularly. It can be difficult to clean those hard-to-reach areas at home even with regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Our dentists in Green Bay can easily access those areas and help prevent problems from developing.

3. Brighten Your Smile

Regular dental cleanings lead to brighter, healthier smiles. Teeth cleanings can remove some of the heavier stains caused by things like coffee, tea, and smoking.

How Often Should You Schedule a Teeth Cleaning & Dental Exam?

Our family dentists at our Green Bay office create a personalized schedule and treatment plan for each patient based on their individual needs. The dentists at Oral Health Associates generally recommend scheduling a dental checkup and cleaning every six months, although it may differ per individual. For instance, periodontal patients require a dental checkup every three to four months.

Our Approach to Dental Exams & Cleanings

Our office fosters a family atmosphere where children and their parents can feel safe and respected. Whether you schedule an appointment for a minor dental checkup or to repair a major problem, the staff at Oral Health Associates will work with you to get the care you need. We can stay on top of your oral health by scheduling consistent six-month dental checkups and teeth cleaning with our Green Bay office.

Dental Exams

During a routine dental exam, we will take x-rays to assess the health of your teeth and bones. Our dentists will also check for issues related to 

  • TMJ
  • Changes in bite
  • Shifting teeth
  • Crowns
  • Fillings
  • Dentures
  • Soft tissue
  • Gums
  • Checks
  • Tongue
  • Lips

Our Green Bay dentists will also complete an oral cancer screening.

Dental Cleanings

At Oral Health Associates, we want to provide our patients with the highest service and quality care. Our dental hygienists and staff are skilled and experienced with standard and deep teeth cleanings, as well as periodontal treatments. During your routine teeth cleaning, our hygienists will remove the plaque and tartar buildup around your gum line and between your teeth. They will also use a high-powered toothbrush to remove any remaining tartar and polish your teeth. Afterward, they will expertly floss between your teeth and locate any potential trouble spots where your gums might bleed. The final step in your dental cleaning will be to apply a fluoride treatment that further helps prevent tooth decay. 

Pediatric Cleanings & Exams

Children are constantly growing, shifting, and changing, especially their smiles. We recommend that parents schedule a pediatric exam within six months of the first tooth showing up. The first couple of appointments will allow the dentist to monitor growth and educate the parent on establishing habits for successful oral homecare at home. By starting your young one off with healthy oral cleaning habits, you can set them up for a lifetime of dental health and beautiful smiles. Oral health is all about daily care, and it takes baby steps.  
Answering questions and educating parents during an appointment is just as important to care for a child’s oral health as regular dental checkups for kids. We want to ensure you have all the tools and resources to incorporate a proactive daily habit at home and practice preventative oral health with ease.

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Helping with Dental Anxiety

We provide nitrous oxide or oral sedation for dental patients who need a little help navigating a dental appointment. We also offer a topical anesthetic to make it more comfortable for the patient. We care about your comfort and will offer a method and plan to put you at ease. 

We understand that visiting the dentist may be stressful or uncomfortable. We value our patient’s input and work hard to establish a relationship built on mutual trust and respect. Our staff is attentive and will listen to facilitate an excellent patient-provider relationship to help alleviate any anxiety or nervousness.

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If you are due for a dental exam or cleaning, call our Green Bay office (920) 437-3376 or request an appointment online today. Our friendly staff can help you maintain and improve your oral health, leaving you with a bright and confident smile.

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