Teeth Whitening

Having a beautiful smile is something to feel wonderful about! Unfortunately though, not everyone is entirely satisfied with the appearance of their teeth. If you’re one of those people who hides their smile from the world, your Green Bay family and cosmetic dentists here at Oral Health Associates are able to help. Dr. Gregory Gardner, Dr. Mark Glime, Dr. Adam Koch, and Dr. Brian Koch can all provide clinical teeth whitening treatments that will brighten your smile in just one appointment!

Why You May Choose to Get Your Teeth Whitened

There are many different reasons as to why teeth whitening treatment can be of benefit to you. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Your teeth are starting to become yellow.
  • Medications have caused your teeth to stain.
  • Your tooth enamel is wearing down.
  • Your teeth are suffering from fluorosis.

Why Your Teeth Might Discolor

It’s actually natural for a person’s teeth to discolor over time. This is because there are several different factors that can negatively affect the whiteness and brightness of a smile. These include:

  • Foods and Beverages – One of the biggest factors in the potential discoloration of your teeth lies in the foods and beverages that you consume.
  • Some foods can stain your teeth and discolor them, some of these more common causes being coffee, wine, tea, fruit juices, and soda.
  • Tobacco – Both chewing and smoking tobacco are leading contributors to tooth discoloration. Tobacco can yellow your teeth and change the shade of them over time, leaving them discolored.
  • Fluorosis – If you’re overexposed to fluoride when your teeth are still developing, your teeth may become discolored.
  • Medications – There are also certain medications that have side effects which cause teeth to become discolored after their prolonged usage.

How Clinical Teeth Whitening Works

Many patients are familiar with the at-home teeth whitening kits that can be found at drug stores. However, these kits can be costly and are also simply unable to deliver the kind of results that a clinical teeth whitening treatment can.

Our teeth whitening treatment makes use of a bleaching compound more concentrated than what’s available in an at-home kit. This compound is strategically applied by our Green Bay cosmetic dentists, ensuring that the patient receives the full benefit of the treatment. A protective gel is then used on gum tissue to prevent irritation. The compound is left in place for about an hour and after that, the whitening results are often immediately visible.

Clinical strength at-home teeth whitening kits are available through our clinic as well. These custom dental trays will be made from molds taken of your top and bottom teeth and they’ll hold prepared whitening gel in place against your teeth. Each at-home session will last about one hour. Please be aware that a treatment regimen will need to be followed in order to experience their full benefits.

How to Maintain Your Whitened Smile

While our teeth whitening treatment will help you attain a whiter smile, it’s important that you follow these simple guidelines to maintain that smile:

  • Brush your teeth twice-a-day and floss daily as well to prevent bacteria and plaque buildup.
  • Avoid foods and beverages that can potentially stain teeth. Examples of these include red wine, black tea, and coffee.
  • Visit your Green Bay cosmetic dentists for regular teeth cleanings and dental exams once every six months.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Green Bay Cosmetic Dentists!

If you’re interested in brightening your smile, doing so is only a call away. Feel free to give our Green Bay cosmetic dentists a call at (920) 437-3376. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to helping you attain a whiter and brighter smile!

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