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Treating TMJ Disorder With Your Local Premier Family & Cosmetic Dentists

A beautiful, healthy smile is what the team here at Oral Health Associates strives to provide each and every patient. As a top Green Bay cosmetic dentist office, we offer a wide range of services from general cleaning to dental implants. We know just how important overall mouth health is, which is why we also provide TMJ treatment for those dealing with the pain and discomfort of the condition.

TMJ Basics

The temporomandibular joint connects the lower jaw to the skull on either side of the head. This joint is in motion almost constantly, helping with eating, speaking, and most other facial movements. When a patient experiences pain in the area of the temporomandibular joint, he or she may have a disorder, or TMD, that needs to be looked at by one
of our doctors.

TMD can be caused by a variety of factors, including inflammation, stress, and genetics. Injuries to the face can also cause the joint to not function properly, which can lead to discomfort.

What To Look For

The signs and symptoms associated with TMD can vary, but generally include the following:

  • Muscle pain, often associated with grinding or clenching the teeth
  • Sounds such as popping or clicking when moving the jaw open
    and closed
  • Joint pain radiating from one or both sides of the face

Jaw movement can also be restricted when the temporomandibular joint is not working correctly, making it difficult or painful to open or close the mouth for everyday tasks such as eating or speaking.

How We Treat TMJ/TMD

Our treatment options for TMD vary based on what we see upon examination of the area. We create a personalized treatment plan for each individual patient. Some of the common treatments that we perform for TMD include icing or heating the area to relieve inflammation and pain. We advise patients to try a soft-foods diet to decrease stress on the joint and surrounding muscles and implement stretches or exercises or use orthodontic treatment to correct problems that may be exacerbating the condition.

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An examination by your local Green Bay dentists is the first step towards less pain from TMD. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 920-437-3376. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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